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High quality solutions

A recognizable partner in the steel and other related industries.

GrappS is a licensed company for works on mechanical structures, means of transport and storage.

Our mission is to be a recognized partner in the steel industry and other related areas of heavy industry.

The professional staff offers services in the development and installation of steel structures, industrial plant maintenance, project management and engineering. Engineering staff with the knowledge and experience of our machinists, fitters and welders is a guarantee of fully meeting the expectations of our customers in a safe and cost-friendly way. Teamwork, investment in machinery, regular training and professional development of our employees constantly improves work activities of GrappS, to the satisfaction of our customers.

GrappS believes that the management of safety and health at work, environmental aspects as well as quality are fundamental values for good management.
We make every effort to develop long term business relationships with clients based on trust, quality work and safe work performance.
Find out why some of our customers are:

  1. Železara Smederevo (ex U. S. Steel Serbia)
  2. NIS Gazprom
  3. RTB Bor
  4. Norma Group Subotica
  5. BMR Group
  6. HARSCO Metals
  7. Paper mill Umka
  8. Serbian Roll Services Company


Steel Industry
Copper Industry
Oil Industry
Paper Industry
Interesting facts

The numbers speak for themselves



Tax Identification Number (TIN) 100967077
Company Identification Number 06791450
Activity Code 2511
Current account number 205-1184-28
Bank where current account is held at Komercijalna banka
Full name of the company "GrappS" d.o.o. za proizvodnju, promet i usluge
Address of company headquarters Nušićeva 8, 11000 Smederevo, SRBIJA
Phone Number +381(26)4627-708
Fax +381(26)4627-709
E-mail office@grapps.net

VAT Form

Company 'GrappS' d.o.o. za proizvodnju, promet i usluge
Address Nušićeva 8, 11000 Smederevo, SRBIJA
TIN SR100967077
Registered for VAT 01.01.2005.