Safety is our number one priority!

Our long-term approach to establishing relationships with customers is based on the belief that safety is our top priority. GrappS recognizes the dangers of the working environment in industry. We advocate the view that with the proper equipment, training and education, these risks can be controlled and that all possible injuries and incidents at work can be prevented.

Employees and contractors of GrappS are entitled to expect a healthy and safe working conditions, while obligated to contribute to these conditions through responsible behavior. We set clear rules for our employees and contractors, aiming to become one of the safest contractors in the industry in which we work.

No project is successful if any worker suffers even the slightest injury. GrappS believes that every incident can be prevented by regular training, proper equipment and discussions with employees. Our goal is always a zero level of injuries and incidents at each site.

Every worker, who works at one of our construction sites, has an inviolable right to return to his family unharmed and healthy at the end of each working day. We strive to completely eliminate injuries and incidents on construction sites through training, discussions and awareness of our employees and contractors. Ensuring security at work provides improvement in productivity, reliability and quality of our products and services.

Despite the fact that we have had no serious injuries at work, we believe that there is always room for improvement. The system of work is safe only if each of its members is safe, properly trained and fully aware of all the dangers of the job performed. Therefore, we remain focused on meeting our ultimate goal which is always a zero level of injuries and incidents. This is the minimum of what we owe to our associates and their families.

We can divide our services into the following areas:

GrappS has years of experience in maintenance of industrial plants.

Mobile crane Liebherr LTM 1030/2, 35t capacity with arrows of 30m + 18m in length JIB

GrappS has a manufacturing plant in the industrial zone of Smederevo for steel structures fabrication.