Maintenance of industrial machines

GrappS has years of experience in maintenance of industrial plants.

Seven years of renewed annual maintenance contract in US Steel Serbia is something that we are proud of. Primary position within the so-called “key players” gave us a privileged position to work with top experts in the field of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, project management and others.

Work on weekends, night shifts, working at height or in gas hazard zones is something that has become our everyday life. The experience gained in the steel mill, hot and cold rolling mill as well as the blast furnace in the steelworks enabled us to seamlessly adapt to oil refineries, mining complexes, cement and paper industry.

Some of the maintenance tasks in industrial plants that we have completed safely, with a high quality level and within the deadlines are:


  • Repair of all three converters, Steel Mill
  • Overhaul of continuous casting machines, Steel Mill
  • Overhaul of gas scrubber, Steel Mill
  • Overhaul of mixer, Steel Mill
  • Overhaul of torch cut-off unit, Steel Mill
  • Removal and installation of panels in LD gas exhaust hood, Steel Mill
  • Removal and installation LD gas exhaust cooler and ducts, Steel Mill
  • Replacement of desulfurization hood, Steel Mill
  • Reparation of slag ladles, Steel Mill
  • Reparation of skids in push-through furnaces, Hot Strip Mill
  • Replacement of rollers on the rolling line, Hot Strip Mill
  • Overhaul of rolling line coiler, Hot Strip Mill
  • Overhaul of chain conveyor systems – Hot Strip Mill
  • Overhaul of pickling line welding machine – Cold Rolling Mill
  • Overhaul of cold rolling line, Cold Rolling Mill
  • Maintenance of cranes, crane rails rehabilitation


  • Overhaul of copper converter furnaces
  • Dismantling of old and installation of new dryer section hood in paper mill (in cooperation with the Lang-Hafner Germany)
  • Dismantling of steel chimney (height – 28m)
  • Relocation and rehabilitation of calender
  • Regular maintenance works during planned delays


  • Annual contract for construction work
  • Assembly of demineralized water facility (in cooperation with the BMR Group Šabac) – Oil
  • Refinery PančevoRental of machinery
  • De-installation and installation of sliding shutter

We can divide our services into the following areas

GrappS has years of experience in maintenance of industrial plants.

Mobile crane Liebherr LTM 1030/2, 35t capacity with arrows of 30m + 18m in length JIB.

GrappS has a manufacturing plant in the industrial zone of Smederevo for steel structures fabrication.