In collaboration with KEM a.d. Macedonia, we offer a wide variety of refractory materials.

KEM a.d. - Gostivar is a factory for production of refractory materials used in steel and non-ferrous metals metallurgy and in all other heat aggregates, such as furnaces in boilers, furnaces at asphalt plants, furnaces in baking industry, production of electro furnaces for heat treatment of metals, production of electro ovens for baking pottery and porcelain, furnaces for melting casting of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, bronze, zinc, brass), electric resistance furnaces for goldsmith industry (gold melting), incinerators for medical and pharmaceutical waste, etc.

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According to the above, KEM a.d. sells its products for usage in the most responsible metallurgical aggregates in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, such as: electric furnaces, induction furnaces, mixers, converters, steel transport ladles and for all casting parts (production of copper, ferronickel, ferrochromium, ferromanganese, aluminum, gold), furnaces for producing baked lime, flash smelting furnaces for metal concentrate, converters for obtaining non-ferrous metals, anode furnaces, electrolytic furnaces for non-ferrous metals, furnaces for obtaining by-products in the metallurgical industry, for instance, recovery of sulfuric acid from copper smelting, push-through furnaces for preheating metal prior to metal forming processes (rolling, forging, drawing).

KEM a.d. produces refractory materials for almost all instances that require durability at high temperatures and aggressive physical-chemical processes and all places that are exposed to high temperatures from torch flames in aggregates listed above.

Aluminous and aluminum silicate products

  • Granular products
  • Conventional thermal concretes
  • Low cement thermal concretes
  • Ultra low cement thermal concretes
  • No-cement chemically bonded casting mass
  • Isolating low cement thermal concretes
  • Laminated tamping mass
  • Aluminum silicate Dry Shot mass
  • Mortars
  • Molded products
  • Casting shells for casting pot
  • Casting shells for tundish
  • Die-casted parts for casting pot (upper and middle)
  • Parts and reparation panels for sliding shutter for casting pot
  • Tube for protecting effusion of steel
  • Argon injection lance
  • Desulfurization injection lance
  • Anker brick for arc ceiling of pusher slab furnace

Magnesium carbonate products

  • Granular products
  • All types of mass for Dry Shot
  • Spray mass for tundish
  • Laminated tamping mass
  • Magnesium carbonate thermal concrete
  • Molding products
  • All types of baked magnesia bricks
  • Resin-bound magnesia bricks
  • Resin-bound magnesium carbonate brick

Dolomite products

  • Refractory brick and mass for electric arc furnaces 

Silicon carbide products

  • Silicon carbide bricks, channels, plugs, nozzles
  • Silicon carbide mortar
  • Flame tubes - burner for the baking industry
  • The bricks for stoves, boilers and heaters mounts

Flame tubes - burners for baking industry

Bricks for stoves, boilers and heater mounts